The Landmarks of 42nd Street Walking Tour

A Walking Tour or Slideshow of Manhattan's Past and Present
This walking tour focuses on history and architecture of 42nd Street
along with interesting pictures and stories that join us with 42nd street's past

Meet At Northwest Corner of E. 42 St. & 1st Ave 

The walking tour is given by Alfred Pommer a college graduate, an author, an informative native New Yorker and a Licensed New York City Guide,
who has spent over 25 years researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods.
And has written four Manhattan guide books published by The History Press and Arcadia Publishing.
"Exploring Gramercy Park and Union Square"  "Exploring Manhattan's Murray Hill"  "Exploring New York's SoHo"
"Exploring the Original West Village"     This is a link to Alfred Pommer's author page at

We start at 1 Ave. and 42 St. and walk through the Ralph Bunch Peace Park and the Tudor  City Historic District
across on 42 St.  into Grand Central Terminal (an optional half hour tour inside) and then across on E. 42 St. 
through Bryant Park,  Times Square & and W. 42 St. to 9th Ave.
Plus an optional walk: past Theatre Row, the original The New York Actors Studio and The Film Center Bldg.
All stops  are fully discussed.
About 2 hours or 2 ½ hours or 3 hours or 3 ½ hours or 4 hours long

Highlights of the 2 hour tour are:
Over 17 Stops that include 10 New York City landmarks and 7 national landmarks

Find Out About:

The 2½ hour tour includes:

Find Out About:

Optional (extra ½ hour in Times Square):

The 3 hour tour includes:

The 3½ hour tour includes:

The 4 hour tour includes:


Two hour version ends at 5th Avenue (New Your Public Research Library)
Two and a half hour version ends at Times Square. the Paramount Building
Three hour version ends at 9th Avenue, Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Three and a half hour version includes Theater Row (off Broadway theaters)
Four hour version ends at the Film Center Building,

Interested in a Private Walking Tour" ?
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