Gargoyles in Manhattan Walking Tour
We don't see them but they see us

Gargoyles * * History * * Architecture * * Interesting Pictures & Stories

A Walking Tour of the Past and the Present

I will talk about gargoyles, their original function, types of gargoyles and legends / myths connected to gargoyles
along with New York City history, architecture and stories connected to the
2 neighborhoods we will walk through in the 3 hour tour or the 4 neighborhoods in the 3½ to 4 hour tour.

For the 3 hour tour each participant will get an itinerary with 32 stops with 15 New York City and 6 national landmarks
For the 4 hour tour each participant will get an itinerary with 42 stops with 18 New York City and 6 national landmarks
Along with the many gargoyles we will see a precious few caryatids and atlante (atlas)

Caryatids are scarce ancient female ornamentations that are sometimes taken for gargoyles.
Atlante (atlas) are a less rare male ornamentations that are sometimes mistaken for caryatids and / or gargoyles. I compare them.
I discuss each landmark building's architect, age and style. I also include interesting New York city stories such as:
the site and story of the infamous murder of Stanford White, a famous turn of the 20th century architect,
by a jealous millionaire husband (pleaded 'America dementia') of world's most beautiful woman and many more stories

This 3 hour Walking Tour of Manhattan's Past and Present Includes:
A walk through The Flatiron District, and Gramercy Park Historic District
And many photographs of the far away gargoyles are shown

Stops Included on the 4 Hour Walking Tour:

A walk through Madison Sq. Park / the Flatiron District,  Gramercy Sq. Park Historic District,
Union Sq.,   and ending in Greenwich Village.

At the first stop over 70 great gargoyles greet us and 4 hours later at our last stop we see several of the same gargoyles again!
Did they fly over a mile just to say goodbye?