The Washington Square Neighborhood Walking Tour - Part 1 & Part 2
also know as:
The Landmarks of the (Central) Greenwich Village Walking Tour - Part 1 & Part 2

Architecture -- History -- Interesting Pictures and Stories

This walking tour focuses on the history and architecture of the central part of Greenwich Village and a part of the Greenwich Village historic district that was once known as the elite, 19th century neighborhood of Washington Square. Included are interesting pictures and stories that join us with the neighborhood's past. You will find out about the man who is historically considered the "Father of Washington Square" both the park and the neighborhood. We will pass the sites of the home of Henry James (author of the novel "Washington Square") - the site of his grandmother's home and also the home of the fictious Dr. Sloper and his daughter Catherine from the novel. Find out how about Admiral Peter Warren and how Greenwich Village got its name and much more.

This Walking Tour of the Greenwich Village Past and Present Features:

A walk through part of the New York City and national landmark historic district of Greenwich Village including Washington Square Park and its environs.
The Part 1 walking tour explores the history and architecture of the immediate neighborhood surrounding Washington Square Park including:
the Washington Mews, McDoudal Alley, Washington Square N., Washington Square S.. Washington Square E., Washington Square W. Washington Place, W. 8 St. and part of Waverly Place. You will find out about: the"House of Geniuses" - Thomas Wolfe - Cornelius Vanderbilt - the cemetery - the hangman's shack that became a bohemian center in the village & Eleanor Roosevelt, all are a part of Washington Square's history and much more.
Each participant will be given a itinerary with over 19 stops that includ 4 New York City Landmark buildings and 2 national landmark building.
Each stop is fully discussed.

Highlights for the  Part 1  two hour walking tour are:

These are two separate walking that share 4 of the same stops:
Washington Square Arch,
  Washington Square North,  The Washington Mews & MacDougal Alley.
Part 1 will explore the park and the streets immediately surrounding Washington Square Park.
Part 2 explores the history and architecture from Wahington Square North. to W. 12 St. between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.

Highlights for the  Part 2  two hour walking tour are:

Optional: General Winfield Scott's Townhouse and E. R.'s Retreat

Each walking tour is about two hours long
Both walking tours meet at: The Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park

  The walking tours are guided by Alfred Pommer an informative native New Yorker, a college graduate and a Licensed New York City guide,
who has written four Manhattan guide books published by The History Press (
and who has spent over 27 years researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods
Each guide book focuses on history and architecture of a Manhattan neighborhood.
"Exploring the Original West Village" "Exploring New York's SoHo" "Exploring Manhattan's Murray Hill" "Exploring Gramercy Park and Union Square"

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