Lower East Side Jewish Rialto Walking Tour

A Walking Tour of the Past and the Present

This Tour Covers About 40% of the Area of the Jewish Heritage Walking Tour #1 And Features:
A walk through the Yiddish Rialto and a look at some former Yiddish Theaters. We will stop by the home of Emma Goldman and the Second Avenue Deli (a Lower East Side version of Growman's Chinese restaurant in Hollywood in that it uses it's side walk to commemorate its past.) We will be walking through an area that once was part of the Lower East Side but today it is called the East Village.

Each participant is given an itinerary with 17 stops that include: five New York City landmarks and three National landmarks.
Each stop is fully discussed.

Some Highlights Are:

Optional: HIAS and The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire building / story, both stops are not on the lower east side and will extend the tour about a half hour.

About two hours long

Meet at the Southeast Corner of E. 13 Street and Third Avenue

Guided by Alfred Pommera college graduate, an informative native New Yorker, an author of four Manhattan guide books published by The History Press
and a Licensed New York City guide. with over 27 years experience researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods.

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A Slideshow of:

Manhattan's Modern Architecture
(Art Deco to Contemporary)

The slideshow features Manhattan's Modern Architecture.
I will show slides & discuss the buildings that illustrate Manhattan's different styles of Modern architecture
from Art Deco, to Modern, to Contemporary

Included are examples of::

  • Art Deco
  • the International Style I (Early Modern)
  • the International Style II (Modernist)
  • the International Style III (Late Modern)
  • Post Modern
  • Post Modern & Contemporary buildings influenced by deconstructionism with such contemporary labels such as:
  • Modern Plus,  Folded Glass Towers,   Hi Tech Modern,  Structural Expressionist  & Norman Fosterís diagrid.

We will see examples of all of the above mentioned styles
About one & a half too two hours long - Includes questions & answers

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