The Turn of The 20th Century Manhattan Walking Tour
Architecture -- History -- Interesting Pictures and Stories

A Walking Tour of Manhattan's Past and the Present


The tour is guided by Alfred Pommer a college graduate, a native New Yorker, and an informative,  licensed New York City Guide,
with over 27 years experience researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods.
He is the author of four Manhattan guide books published by The History Press

This walking tour features interesting pictures and stories and focuses on:
the history  and architecture in 2 Manhattan neighborhoods (Madison Sq. & Gramercy Sq.) for the 2½ hour tour
or 4 Manhattan neighborhoods (Madison Sq.; Gramercy Sq.; Union Sq. & Washington Sq.) for the 3½ hour tour.

The neighborhoods were changing at the turn of the last century (the Gilded Age) and
we will see some surviving buildings along with pictures and stories from the past
that inform us what the neighborhoods were and what they became as they evolved.

The turn of the 20th century (1880- 1920) included a major part of the Gilded Age (1869 - 1896) which represented unequaled economic growth (wages, GDP, and capitol formation) at that time. In Europe the era was called Bell Epoque, French for: the Beautiful Era which lasted from about 1870 to the start of W.W. 1 in 1914. In England their was the Victorian Era and the Edwardian Era. Basically all fueled by the industrial revolutions, improved technologies and inventions. In the commercial arts there was a movement to adopting Renaissance and 18th century styles to modern forms of the day that included architectural styles such as: Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, and Beaux Arts Structuralism.
The Cross Chambers building is one of the few examples of Belle Epoque style of architecture in New York City.

We start at the site of the largest and most spectacular entertainment establiishment of the Gilded Age and we will walk through the heart of the Flatiron District,  through Madison Square Park, the surrounding area down Broadway passing through part of Ladies Mile Historic District and into and through Gramercy Park Historic District to end the 2½ hour tour. For the 3½ hour tour we will continue to, Union Square Park  and ending in the neighborhood once known as: Washington Square a part of, Greenwich Village.

For the 2½ hour tour each participant is given an itinerary with 28 stops including 14 New York City landmarks and 4 national landmarks .
For the 3½ hour tour each participant will get an itinerary with 38 stops including 20 New York City landmarks and 5 national landmark.
All stops are fully discussed.

Some of the stops and what you will find out about in the 2½ hour tour:

The below stops are included in the 3½ hour version of the walking tour:

About 2½ hours or a 3½ hour version
Meet in front of 51 Madison Ave. between E. 26 St. & E. 27 St.

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