The Roosevelt Island Walking Tour
(Blackwell's Island)
Architecture -- History -- Interesting Pictures and Stories

A Walking Tour or Slideshow of the Past and Present

The walking tour or the slideshow focuses on the history and architecture of Roosevelt Island and includes some interesting pictures and stories
about when the island was known as Welfare Island and before that: Blackwell's Island.
The information, surviving buildings / structures and pictures will help us understand the islands past

The Walking Tour or the Slideshow of Roosevelt Island Includes:

You will find out about:

The walking tour is about 3 hours long & starts with tramway ride to Roosevelt Island (everyone pays their own fare each way).
Roosevelt Island is 2 miles long & the tour takes us from one end of the island to the other (back & forth , over 4 miles)
enjoying the beautiful views of Manhattan, Queens and Hells Gate the site of the General Slocum disaster.
We will use the free Red Bus service to for part of the tour.
Each participant is given an itinerary with 14 stops including 6 of the island's New York City landmarks.
All stops are fully discussed.

The slideshow presentation includes all the information in the walking tour

The Walking Tour Meets in front of the Tram on 2nd Ave. between E. 59 St. & 60 St.
#4 #5 #6 to E. 59 St. & Lexington Ave. E & F to Lexington Ave.(53 St.)
About three hours long for the walking tour.      About 1 to 1½ hours long for the slideshow

The walking tour &/or slideshow is given by Alfred Pommer a college graduate, an author, a Licensed New York City Guide & an informative native New Yorker
with over 25 years experience researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods.
Alfred Pommer wrote 3 Manhattan guide books published by The History Press
"Exploring Manhattan's Murray Hill" "Exploring New York's SoHo" "Exploring the Original West Village"

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