The Upper East Side (Yorkville) Tour

A Walking Tour of a Part of The Upper East Side's Past and Present

This walking tour focuses on the history and architecture of a part of the Upper East Side that was once known as Yorkville
and includes interesting pictures and stories that help join us with the area's diverse past.
We will walk through part of the area that used to be known as Yorkville and by exploring its landmark buildings we will uncover different parts of its varied past.
Starting with a Georgian inspired mansion that once belonged to a man whose brother almost prevented the stock market crash of 1929,
was elected president of the New York Stock Exchange three times and went to prison.
There is much more including Landmarked townhouses, row houses, model tenements and some typical tenements.
Immigrants, middle income New Yorkers, well to do / wealthy New Yorkers all share a part of Yorkville's rich history and we will get a little taste of each through our walk.
We will walk through John Finley Walk and Carl Schurz Park.
Each participant is given an itinerary with 18 stops that include 11 New York City Landmarks and 10 National Landmarks
Each stop is fully discussed.

Some of the Tours Highllights Are:

Interesting Facts About:

About 2½ to 3 hours long

Meeting at: the Southeast corner of East 80 Street and Park Avenue
#6 Train to E. 78 St. & Lexington Ave. or #4 & 5 to E. 86 St. & Lexington Ave.

The Walking Tour is Guided by Alfred Pommer, college graduate, an informative native New Yorker and a licensed New York City guide,
with over 25 years experience researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan's many diverse neighborhoods.
Alfred Pommer is the author of 4 Manhattan armchair guide books:   "Exploring Gramercy Park and Union Square" 2015,
"Exploring Manhattan's Murray Hill" 2013, "Exploring New York's SoHo" 2012 &, "Exploring The Original West Village" 2011
All published by the History Press ( and Arcadia Publications (
And are available at local book stores,, Barnes & Noble, from The History Press, Arcadia Publications, & from Alfred Pommer.
This is a link to Alfred Pommer's author page at